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        Symbol Explanation
      Zhongyu Symbol is the emblem totem of Zhongyu as well as the value promises of Zhongyu.
      The symbol is composed of shield shape, star, great wall and “ZHONGYU” etc. “ZHONGYU” is Pinyin of “ZHONGYU” characters, which means “Chinese honor, praise all over the world”. Shield shape and top crown stand for respected and honorable king vigor, which transfers the brand faith of “sport leads technology, found world brand”. Great wall’s curve strengthens Zhongyu’s brand connotation of nation spirit. The bottom star stands for phosphor as well as that Zhongyu is a new star among many enterprises, which means Zhongyu takes on nation mission and brand quality also means Zhongyu history originated from Lighting industry with Zhejiang Zhenqi Lighting Co., Ltd.
      Basic color of the symbol is black, red, and blue. Black stands for that Zhongyu takes on the sense of history mission and the sense of social responsibility. Red stands for bright future of Zhongyu and passionate, modern and aggressive culture faith. Blue stands for Zhongyu’s sense and international visual field.